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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  June 17, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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transportation. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. state auditor record slams the agency created to help key you safe on the road. east bay state senator requested the audit following last year's deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge. ktvu patty lee is live at sfo with the problems outlined in that state report. >> reporter: julie, if you ever catch an airport shuttle or hop on to a limousine you expect those carriers to be safe and some agency is keeping tabs, but this 45 page report out today says that is just not the case and the cpuc must make changes. after five women died trapped in this burning limousine in may of 2013, state auditors were called in. >> unfortunately five people had to die for them to take action. >> reporter: caught the horrifying scene with a cell phone camera images that still haunt him. the fire was ultimately blamed
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on mechanical failure. now the agency responsible for overseeing passenger transport vehicles in california has been found inadequate. >> they are not adequately ensuring the public is safe. >> reporter: margaret a fernandez says a auditors are not holding the cpuc responsible for the limo fire in any way. they are pointing out the problems that need to be fixed. among those cited ineffective leadership, lack of formal policies and significant delays in responding to consumer complaints. >> once they begin the investigation on average are taking 238 days to complete the investigation. >> reporter: the cpuc largely agreed with the audit individual findings disagreed on the over arching conclusion it was failing its mission to ensure consumer safety. the cpuc did not want to comment on camera but gave me a statement. it said it took this audit very seriously and it will comply with all of the constructive
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recommendations. cpuc must have a plan in place responding to some of these recommendations by the end of the year. patty lee ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on last year's deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge. that fire killed a bride and four friends during a wedding celebration. four other women escaped the burning limo, but were injured. the chp blamed the fire on a failed suspension system which allowed the underside of the vehicle to rub against the driveshaft creating africa shun and flames. a woman was killed in lafayette when she was hit by a truck. police are not yet releasing the name of the victim or the driver. the investigation is expected
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to take until 7:00 tonight. new information on hikers who died within days of each other. investigators have concluded their deaths in april were accidental and unrelated. the report says magazine did he lane a glen cow ski died of exposure of hypothermia. five days later the body of marie saner was found. she died from blunt impact injuries to her head apparently after she fell just as it was starting to get dark outside. there was no sign of foul play. a string of fires in the oakland hills had crews and neighbors concerned today. firefighters tell us there were five separate fires willie 13 near diamond canyon park. noel walker is live in the oakland hills with the quick response by firefighters. >> reporter: those firefighters are taking a break right now and the street is still closed. any time you have a fire here in the oakland hills there's cause for concern because the
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homes are so close together and the terrain is so steep and rugged. but tonight there's even more cause for concern because these fires look suspicious. where there's smoke there's fire. from the air and ground firefighters battled a four- alarm fire near the oakland hills. >> this was a big wake up that it's fire season. >> reporter: it wasn't just one or two fires. >> the smoke is straight across from me. >> reporter: at least five fires that can only be described as suspicious burn in a canyon off park boulevard. the streets were blocked off. >> we can see the smoke, and we know that we're pretty close. >> reporter: some residents packed up and left. a nearby school evacuated.
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>> they were saying there's a fire there's a fire. but the adults in charge did a good job saying it will be okay we're fine. >> reporter: this is not the kind of summer entertainment anyone wants. >> we're smiling now but it was scary. we were both very scared. >> reporter: so many fires in such close proximity certainly raising some eyebrows around here. right now fire investigators are down there in the canyon trying to figure out what caused these fires. in the meantime police are patrolling this area looking for anything or anyone suspicious. reporting live in oakland noel walker ktvu channel 2 news. we now know what sparked a grass fire that burned through kelly's park in san jose. the fire department said today a car fire is to blame when it spread nearby brush yesterday. no one was hurt and no buildings damaged. fire crews stayed on the scene for hours after they put out the fire to make sure any hotspots didn't flair back up again. a hit-and-run driver in the east bay is being called
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callous after causing a crash that left left a woman badly injured. it happened yesterday morning in the altamonte pass enter tate 580. claudine wong has listened to 911 calls. >> reporter: the damage to this truck almost takes your breath away. but the chp actually believes the first impact was back here on the left bumper. witnesses are telling investigators there's no way the other driver didn't know what happened. >> 911 emergency. what are you reporting. >> reporter: calls from drivers who watched it happen starting coming in just before 11:30 yesterday morning. >> there's a really serious accident on highway 580. >> a car swerved and hit a truck. >> reporter: it happened on westbound 580 near grant line road in the altamonte pass. >> there was nothing that looked like it was road rage type situation reckless driving. from witnesses statement everyone was going at freeway speeds and this vehicle suddenly swerved to the right. >> it looked like the car swerved. i don't know but he hit him really hard. >> guy went off the road and
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flipped his truck about five times. >> reporter: this toyota truck driven by 25-year-old twilight win of po december to hurdleed across three lanes of traffic and lit a freeway sign before rolling down an embankment eventually ending up right side up on the onramp. >> did you foe if the driver will need an ambulance. >> yeah. >> we'll get that going as well. >> reporter: the truck was heavily damaged. between suffered major injuries but while others stopped to help the other driver involved just kept going. >> from all the witnesses statements there's no doubt at all in their mind that the vehicle knew that they push that car off the road. >> to continue on your way if fog happened that takes a different type of person. >> reporter: the victim was wearing her seatbelt but she still suffered major head trauma. she's in a in a in icu. a man who threatened to
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skill state senator leland yi could be sentenced for 10 years behind bars they found bombs and assault weapons in his santa clara home. yi who is currently suspended claims bash am threatened him over support of gun control laws. he's undergoing a 90-day medical exam before he is sentenced. update to 2 investigates story we first brought you yesterday. we showed you how the postal service district in san francisco is wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars by not recycling. we took a report from the office of the inspector general to the director of the san francisco department of the environment who offered to help train postal service employees on recycling. after seeing our story the department of the environment says the chief sustainability officer for the u.s. postal service has reached out to them. staff from the department of environment and sustainability office are setting up a
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conference call to see how the city can assist the postal service in improving its recycling efforts in san francisco. ride sharing companies protested a pair of bills before the state senate today that would step up regulation of the growing industry. >> uber and lift are here to stay. >> ride sharing supporters rallied at the state capitol before a senate hearing. one bill requires commercial liability insurance to cover drivers from the moment their ride sharing app is turned on. the other mandates fingerprinting , drug testing and criminal background checks. taxi operators say ride share operators should be held to the same standards as cab drivers. uber says it already provides adequate insurance coverage and safety checks and that new laws would stifle innovation. >> it really called into question our ability to still provide the options and service that we have. there are basic public stave 'tis ha have to be afforded the
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california public. >> the measures were prompted a driver for uber struck and killed a 6-year-old girl in san francisco. the safety comply approved new guy guidelines for testing rape kits. looking further into a back long log in alameda county. some rape kits date back years. skinner's bill bill would require them to be tested within 10 days when booked into evidence. they are worried about increased levels of e. coli bacteria hard at a reservoir. rising temperatures are prompting people to go to reservoir to cool off. it exceeds state standards for e. coli. geese may be to blame. at this time state regulations require weekly tests on beaches with 50,000 or more yearly
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visitors. we surveyed bay area counties only dell val exceeded standards today but tests are not conducted at all reservoirs and lakes where people swim. >> if we have a cut it can get infected. >> doctors also advised swimmers who do go into open water try to keep the water from getting in your mouth or your nose. they also say that you should wash with soap afterwards. a cash infusion for a bay area hospital on the verge of shutting down. the changes that must be made to keep doctors medical center open. a bay area marine comes home to his fixer upper after 21 years in active duty. >> it looks like the country gave back to you. >> yes. that's why i'm not expecting it. i don't think i really deserve it. >> the secret operation to honor master sergeant jack bernardo. turning up the heat on your bay area wednesday i'll compare the numbers from the warm up today and show you how much higher we'll go coming up.
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. a controversial bill to require warning labels on sugary drinks failed to gain enough votes to clear an assembly comply. the so-called soda bill would have required labels to say drinks with added sugar contribute to obesity diabetes and tooth decay. they weren't convinced labeling would do enough to influence consumer behavior. opponents representing the beverage industry argued the bill unfairly singled out soft drinks. rising home prices are no secret in san francisco but sticker shock is spreading across the bay to oakland. home prices have grown 23% in just the past year. that's more than san francisco at 14% and alameda at 11:00%.
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a real state agent for zip realty said one up and coming oakland neighborhood he's seen a 50% appreciation in home prices he said a home in durant manor sold quickly at a price significantly over the asking price. he couldn't say how much, however, because the sale hasn't been recorded yet. >> there are a lot of renters that are moving out of this area because home sellers are taking advantage of the appreciation. so since are taking advantage of the appreciation we're getting new homeowners coming in and new homeowners are taking care of their properties and that's how it's increasing because you get the pride of ownership. >> he says it's a good time for buyers and sellers in oakland as the market continues to heat up. doctors medical center in san pablo will keep its doors open. this after contra costa county supervisors approved a 6 million-dollar loan this morning. however, the financially struggling hospital will be drastically scaled down 80 to 90% of its employees could be out of work by august 1st.
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doctors medical center provides a large part of emergency care in west contra costa county. we did it for you brother. all right. we did it for you. >> new at 6:00, moved to tears by a home makeover an act of appreciation for a marinas he returned home today. master sergeant jack bernardo had only seen the outside of his house when he was moved by the gift in honor of his service to country. john sasaki was there as he went inside to see the complete renovation. >> the kitchen was redone painted. >> reporter: we took a walk through that would be a big surprise for a newly retired marine. >> he's a pretty emotional guy. i imagine there will be a lot of tears. >> reporter: the tears came quickly. when jack bernardo arrived because he didn't recognize his home. >> we did it for you. >> reporter: after retiring from the marine corps last week
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he and his family returned from oak that way japan just this afternoon. >> 21 years i served our country and if i have 21 more years to give i would. i love this country. >> reporter: bernardos bought the house in january but as you can see from these photos it needed a lot of work. daughter jessica had her doubts. >> at first i was like are you sure you guys want this house. >> man, this is awesome. >> reporter: bernardo asked his friend jeremy her son to keep an eye on it until the family returned. he had different ideas. >> i didn't think it was right for a person who retired given 21 years and getting 50% of their pay to come back and spend every cent that they saved on fixing up a home. you'll see the kitchen. >> reporter: in just 10 days h er son the jimmy doolittle center and numerous contractors and volunteers painted, installed new floors, redid the kitchen and land escaped the property. >> it looks like the country gave back to you a little bit
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here. >> yes. that's why i'm not expecting it because i don't i really deserve it. >> reporter: the city mayor presented a proclamation to bernardo. >> declare june 17, 2014 jack bernardo day. >> reporter: he says others are more deserving. bernard to saved up a lot of money to fix up the house which he no longer has to do that's good news because next year he'll have not just one but two daughters attending sacramento state university. john sasaki ktvu channel 2 news. we've posted the video of master sergeant bernardo coming up. that just made my night. >> it's such a great story to see. after 21 years he deserves.
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>> he sure does. >> rosemary. >> we had a nice warm up today and for tomorrow temperatures continuing to climb we'll start out with a sample of that temperature change we had from yesterday. 15 degrees warmer in some areas. napa 75 yesterday today went to 80. livermore you are 8 degrees warmer san francisco jumped 6 degrees or so and san jose in the up are '70s today. yesterday low 70s. temperatures will range in the upper 80s to low 90s for some of our hottest locations tomorrow. i'll show you that coming up. let's take a look at the current temperatures right now 83 in antioch. still holding on to some of this warmth upper 70s in livermore. 80 walnut creek 79 concord. 80 degrees santa rosa. along the coast mostly cloudy but clear in half moon bay 57 degrees.
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76 in san jose. the winds are onshore gusty in some areas not bad as yesterday. concord reporting a breeze 0 miles per hour at times. fairfield onshore 15 miles per hour. nevada reporting 15 with a gust 18 miles per hour. as we get into tomorrow. the ridge of high pressure that is beginning to bring us this warm up is actually going to strengthen and that will continue to die those winds down. we are looking at even lighter winds for tomorrow. this is the system that brought us the cool down on father's day and yesterday. it's continuing to shift to the east and in its wake we have the ridge of high pressure that's building in. so starting with today and into tomorrow it will be increasing and strengthening. for tonight we've got clear skies. >> temperatures will cool off once again a lot how we woke up this morning is what i'm expecting for tomorrow morning. wednesday will be the warmest day of the week. as we get into your bay area weekend the heat retreats and temperatures come back down we're going to be mild to comfortable. temperatures tomorrow morning widespread 50ed to near 60
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degrees. 53 san francisco. 54 in oakland. for the afternoon low 80s for areas like napa, nevada santa rosa. these numbers a tad warmer from today. 78 in oakland. 70 for san francisco. inland east way upper 80s to low 90s. 92 brentwood. 89 for livermore santa clara valley 82 degrees expected in san jose. the extended forecast here with your bay area weekend always in view showing you temperatures warmest tomorrow a subtle drop off on thursday bigger cool down comes on the bay area weekend with the first day of summer arriving on saturday. just going to be nice. >> not quite what you expect a little cooler. >> thanks rosemary. >> the 49ers and the raiders in high gear with mandatory mini camps today. >> see who retired from one team and who made a surprise turn to the other. mark's up next with the details. [ male announcer ] we start the day thinking about one thing.
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. the football team clayton valley high school in concord is being penalized for holding illegal practices. >> according to the diablo valley athletic league the eagles held three illegal practices and two illegal scrimmage earlier this month. as a penalty the league says clayton valley will have to cancel 6 practices in august before the beginning of the
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season. the school can still appeal though to the commissioner of the north coast section. mark's here with more. it's baseball but we're talking a lot of football. >> sure are. got that story and the 49ers an raiders holding their mandatory camps and the 49ers it was more a question of who was not there than who was there. and we'll start with the surprise retirement of defensive back eric wright already a position the 49ers a little short on. he's just 28 years old, says he just doesn't have the passion for the game anymore. and even though he grew up following the 49ers as a kid the end of the line for him. meanwhile alex boone and vern davis also no shows. their issue is money related. jim harbaugh trying not to overreact though obviously not happy. >> i'm disappointed in that decision for them not to be here. there's a voluntary segment to the offseason, and we
6:26 pm
appreciate those guys volunteering to make the team better. now it's mandatory and wish they could have -- not the decision i envision being the 49er way. and really nothing more to be said about it. >> meanwhile the raiders yeah, that's howie long and tom flores on the left some of the raider greats jim plunkett willie broken as they try to restore some of that pride and tradition. the guys spoke with the team and their new quarterback matt schaub he didn't see that in houston a relatively young franchise. >> having been some other places that don't have that tradition that stretches that far back, i mean, it's just so impressive and it really shows you the close knit group that is the raiders. >> it's surreal seeing all those guys out there. it paychecks you want to work that much harder. >> both the a's and giants will be in action tonight.
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giants by the way trailing chicago's white sox 3-2 in the fourth inning. full highlights tonight at 10:00. >> thank you. tonight at 10:00 a bullet lodged in a bay area courthouse. the damage done and the mystery of how it even got there that's coming up at 10:00. >> thanks so much for joining us tonight. good night. >> good night. hey there. did you select these things on purpose? not a color found nature. there's nothing wrong with tha. i can hear your arteries clogging. ok. no. this is tap water. i can't let you buy this. oh. crystal geyser please. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. female announcer: when you see this truck,
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